Friday, 14 March 2014

under the microscope

Human fascination with the inexplicable is what draws me towards the world of science. The concept of perception is strong in my work: I like the ambiguity of abstraction, and of surprising new textures, mediums and processes. I aim to create a natural sense of intrigue in those who view my work, similar to the way people stare down microscopes at indescribably small particles, or through telescopes into infinite universe: it's about learning and viewing things we are yet to fully understand. In the 21st century, where we all have access to thousands of years worth of knowledge at the click of a button, I believe there is a purity in the unknown; the word itself is pregnant with possibility.

Recently, a company called Bevshots produced a series of photographs of alcohol samples under the microscope at the Florida State University's chemistry labs. The images are aesthetically beautiful and undoubtedly unrecognisable. The vivid colours are created by the various acids and sugars in the cocktails but they are thrown into abstraction by the magnification of the lens.

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